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If you are young, you probably have already found a way to get by without email.  Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Texting is your preferred method of communication (not Facebook unless you are over 30!).

Email really is a dying communication medium, and with good reason!  It’s hard to keep track of vital information that was emailed.  You have to setup an email account on all your devices.  It’s hard to manage groups or decide who gets what.  Keeping track of changing emails can be a hassle.

Using email to contact a large distribution list often runs into limitations.  Your ISP or mail server often limits how many emails you can send at once or in a single day.  Google Groups allows you to bypass these limitations.

Email isn’t going away anytime soon but to make things easier, Google Groups offers some benefits that make a lot of sense for a dynamic group with a common interest.

You never have to worry about who is part of a group and what emails to use.  If people want to use multiple email addresses they can.  If they change their email, they update their membership and nobody has to do anything.   All emails sent to the group arrive in your inbox just like you are accustomed to, but you don’t have to use email!  You can use a browser to read and search past posts!

Google Groups allows us to create topics and have conversations on a given topic.  It is a better medium for organizing communications and information.  It may take a little getting use to at the beginning but please give it a try!

You can access our group in your browser using this address:


The group is by invitation only and is limited to friends and family.

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