Bob Claymier

Bob and Linda Claymier

Born in Klamath Falls Oregon. Grandson of George Washington Claymier who moved from Indiana to Oregon. He was the son of Carl Kleymeyer who changed his spelling to Claymier. I grew up on the combined ranches of grandfather, uncle and dad in the high desert country of Oregon. Met future wife Linda when she was 13 as I was on the high school wrestling team with her brother. Joined the Navy at 17 and was introduced to electronics. After the Navy graduated with degree in engineering and was recruited by the federal government. Married Linda in 1964 so we are celebrating our 54th anniversary on this trip. Spent the next 31 years traveling and living overseas. Now have two daughters and three grandchildren. After retirement we decided to settle in Hume VA with both daughters (and families) now living on our property. First started a horse breeding and training ranch that has now morphed into The Desert Rose Ranch & Winery with artifacts and look of our Oregon desert roots.