Ana Maria Kleymeyer

Born in Madison, Wisconsin. Studied liberal arts and music at Wesleyan University; international development at the Institute for Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland, and law at American University. After nearly a decade abroad, Ana Maria moved back to the DC area a few years ago to enjoy being close to her Dad, Lily and Ann, as well as kayak on the Chesapeake Bay and eat crabs. She now lives in Alexandria and is working freelance as an international environmental lawyer on the atmospheric treaties and other approaches to addressing climate change. Her employers include a DC-based organization for which she works as a negotiator, the World Bank, and the United Nations. Fortunately her work combines with one of her passions, which is discovering interesting places in the world. Her other passions include singing, writing, hiking, cooking, and discovering wine (great coincidence that there is a magnificent vineyard in the family!)