Joellen (Claymier) Wolfson

I was born the second child to Lenza Leland and Freda Mellman Claymier in Columbus, Ohio in 1950. My brother, Bob (the other Bob Claymier) and I grew up on a 175 acre farm just outside of the little village of Powell, Ohio. Dad raised cattle, soy beans, corn, hay, and wheat as an avocation. Professionally, Dad was a salesman and eventual partner in the furniture business.

I graduated from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio with a B.S. in Hearing and Speech Sciences. I moved to San Diego, CA in 1974, then to Ventura County where I was married twice. My secondĀ husband contracted Parkinson’s and Dementia at the same time I contracted Chronic Fatigue. We moved to Chapel Hill, N.C. , then Ormond Beach, FL. I lost Steve in 2002.

I moved out of Florida last July and am living in Delaware, Ohio, just 20 miles north of where I grew up, where I work part- time in child care. I have always believed in God and feel His presence everywhere I go. He has helped me through the crises that have occurred in my life and is still with me today, helping me to adjust to this 21st Century that has enveloped us all.