Alan Kleymeyer

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Richard Alan Kleymeyer, Jr. was born in Valle De Bravo, Mexico, in 1962. My father Richard Alan Kleymeyer, Sr. (a.k.a. Dick/Bud, son of Ralph T. Kleymeyer, Sr.) met my mom Juanita while vacationing in Mexico. They met in Yelapa, fell in love and had three children in Mexico before moving to Austin, Texas where they added twin girls! I have 4 sisters Lily, Cindy, Amy & Kerry.

I graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in Computer Science in 1984. My first job out of college was in Dallas where I lived for 10 years and met my wife Jane. Jane recently retired from being a lunch chef for a security startup company. We had one daughter in Dallas and soon after moved to Austin where we currently reside, and where we added David and Kristen. Cassidy graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Allied Health.

Cassidy is currently attending UT Galveston Nursing School.

David is a Junior at Texas A&M studying Industrial Distribution in the school of Engineering.

Kristen is a Senior in High School and will be playing Beach Volleyball for Houston Baptist University.

I am an amateur videographer, and I enjoy videotaping and making highlight reels of my kid’s sports activities. I continue to play competitive tennis as a 4.5 “Senior” player!

1960’s. Home in Austin, Vanderbilt Circle


1970. Santa Claus Land


1971 Austin Bartholomew Pool


1972 Winn Elementary Alan as Pinnochio


1973 Josefina
1975 Cindy & Kerry
1977 Ted, Jim, Dick


1978 – Ralph & Mildred. Martha Kleymeyer’s in Houston


Alan and Lily with Queenie (1970?) at 601 S. Boeke Rd

Alan & Jane Wedding

More Albums:

1970 Evansville